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Motorcycle Helmets

    Welcome on Helmets Shop !
Motorcycle helmets are the most important piece of equipment you will buy. The best manufacturers are out there: Arai, HJC, Shoei, Vega,Bell, Nolan... don't go further your next helmet is here!

 Choosing motorcycle helmets :

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Yamaha R6

Each organization has rigid procedures for testing:

  • Impact – the shock-absorbing capacity of the helmet.
  • Penetration – the helmet's ability to withstand a blow from a sharp object.
  • Retention – the chin strap's ability to stay fastened without stretching or breaking.
  • Peripheral vision – the helmet must provide a minimum side vision of 105 degrees to each side. (Most people's usable peripheral vision is only about 90 degrees to each side.) src from mfc

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An advice

While color, design and price may be a part of your decision about which helmet to buy, think first about protection and comfort. A fullface helmet gives the most protection since it covers more of your face. It usually has a moveable face shield that protects the eyes when it is closed. Racers prefer full-face helmets for the added protection and comfort.

If you already have a motorcycle helmet or are simply not looking for motorcycle helmets, check out Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets! We have many popular styles of motorcycle jackets like the Joe Rocket Blaster jacket, the Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket and the Joe Rocket Reactor!

Don't forget to check out the new Shoei RF 1000! It is the newest in our line up of Shoei helmets and recently replaced the Shoei RF 900. We also carry the high-end models for riders who are looking for the most aerodynamic Shoei helmets like the Shoei Z II, the Shoei X-11, the Shoei Syncrotec and the Shoei TZ-1!

If your budget won't allow for a high end Shoei, look at the motorcycle helmets HJC makes! HJC makes several affordable models that are stylish and comfortable like the HJC CL-14, the HJC Symax, the HJC AC-11 and more! HJC helmets are cutting edge and suitable for every type of rider!

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